Thursday, December 6, 2007

Grand Opening!!

So today our web shoppe went live!

Go see and then leave me a comment if you would be so kind, and let me know what you think!
Please ")


  1. Love the site, placed an order and can't wait to get it! Keep up the good work and the writing. You are an inspiration to me and my home.

  2. Renee you are the sweetest!
    I want to thank you for your order- it was the very first one off the web shoppe! 5 minutes after I set up the shipping on the cart! YOu delighted us!
    Thanks again and I hope you enjoy your goodies...

  3. Hi Dalyn:

    I wasn't sure if you have a comment section on your new website...couldn't find I will comment here instead....beautiful....I absolutely love your website...cannot wait to sample things from your store....I know the cost of shipping to Canada is crazy, so maybe I should wait till I see you in March...I can get things shipped to Sumas border, but going across the border to pick things up is make sure the store is open with Audrey and I arrive:-)

    Congratulations...looks awesome


  4. When you ladies come you can carry bags of all those things home!!

    Of course, staying here you will be using them anyway, 'cause that's all we have in the showers, etc. ")

  5. I am going to go check out your website now! I am sure it is cute! I have a goofy picture for you over at my blog, hopefully it will make you laugh because I look like such a dork!

    Hope you are feeling better!


  6. Thanks Dalyn...can hardly wait to spend time with you and your family...


  7. great job ladies!!! Hope to see you soon.

  8. OH your site looks amazing. I'll be back to check it out again! I love your soap!

    Thanks for posting the Narnia thing. My kids are so bummed about not being able to see the Gold Compass, but now they have something to look forward to!


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