Sunday, March 16, 2008

Valley Bible Fellowship/Polyester People

Valley Bible Fellowship

I finished the book, "Polyester People" this morning. Couldn't go to church...locked the keys in the Suburban yesterday :(

Ron Vietti, the Pastor/author, writes simplisticly, but I suppose that was okay. I plan on having my teens read this book.

This book is radical in that the average American church goer will have some ideas presented to them that ordinarily might not occur *U* I have to admit that it wasn't radical for me, as when I began reading through the Bible from cover to cover, I started believing differently than my church and my pastor, and most of the christians I knew at the time. Talk about growing pains!

Basically if you want your beliefs, your ho-hum churchianity challenged, then go ahead and read this book. If you meet another christian and begin a conversation with "what church do you go to..." instead of "what is God doing in your life lately?" - then read this book. If you say, when you are asked for your testimony, "I got into (or back into ) church after...." instead of describing an intimate, personal account of meeting Jesus- a revelation of who He is and who you are...then read this book.

Read the New Testament (or the old- which I love) and see if there is any similarities between your experience today...I doubt it. God is the same always. He doesn't change His mind. He didn't change it halfway through the Book, and He hasn't changed it the Word and believe it- that would be radical, eh? I have gotten the most grief about my beliefs from people inside the church- imagine that! Somethin's wrong...I'm nobody special, but I have somebody special: Jesus.


  1. Great post. I'm not familiar with this book but I say AMEN to what you are saying. Too many people know "about" Jesus rather than KNOWING Him.

  2. Amen! Amazing how "church people" can be sidetracked by what doesn't matter. I'll definitely need to look for this book, I wonder if the library carries it?


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