Tuesday, February 3, 2009


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This is a great article. Parenting an adopted child with special needs, whatever reason, is hard!
Here's a great resource: http://www.nathhan.com/

I got to speak with this woman on the phone today and it was a blessing. An answer to specific prayer actually. I feel better equipped today *U* (Can't promise about tomorrow, but...)

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  1. Hey Dalyn!

    How's your P90X workouts going? Are you able to "bring it"!? I must say I haven't exercised in over two weeks, as the flu and pneumonia swept through the family. I know you can relate. However, I'm back now to doing my Power 90 and I did Cardio X with hubby, pre-flu, and thought of you!

    Keep up the workouts!

    Jennifer :)


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