Saturday, November 21, 2009

Goat Song~

I had a great time reading this book. I could seriously be good friends with htis guy- we both love our goats and milking, cheese and the whole "pastoral" lifestyle. Of course, we would have alot of disagreements in the area of religion and paganism...
Reading this book was restful for me. I enjoyed hearing someone else "speak" about their love for aseason, natural lifestyle including goats. The author is good! Very descriptive- I could practically see and smell everything he wrote about. Sure got me fired up for cheesemaking next year when I have a good supply again! I found it enthralling as only an animal lover and cheese maker could.

* I didn't read the kindle version- I'm a book person, but this was the image I grabbed.


  1. I just spotted your blog and felt I had an instant kindred spirit, been a long time since I can say that bout a complete stranger to whom I never met nor has met me. I came across your blog via Rural Farmgirl and I am so glad I did... you have a wonderful blog here and I cant wait to come back for more of your adventures of Farming.


  2. Good review, Dalyn! I've seen this in the bookstore and wondered if it would be a good read.

  3. I should edit my review to add that there is a chapter with a really...descriptive section on goat breeding and buck behavior in-particular.


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