Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bill and Diana Waring Are Coming Over Again

Bill and Diana Waring are international and inspirational speakers in the homeschool realm. Diana is an author with some outstanding homeschool advice, which she delivers with wit and a sense of humor, as well as some history curricula that will excite your kids. She's a fantastic story teller. She and Bill both are, and they have some great life stories to tell now that they have been around the world. My kids love Diana's laptop full of pictures from their travels!

They are coming over today and spending the night before they travel on to Idaho. I wish all of you homeschoolers could come over this evening for a good chat with these two wonderful people. They are so full of faith and I am excited for their visit for selfish reasons- I am always so refreshed when I have been able to just sit and chat and pray with them. Wisdom, graciousness, and lots of laughs- they are both funny! My family and I are blessed to live with some beautiful animals in a quiet and peaceful place many people enjoy visiting, but it still amazes me that after all of the exotic and amazing places the Warings have been, they would still enjoy a visit here at our little ranch. God is good, and I am thankful He put this lovely couple in our lives.

If you are still deciding on what to teach your next school year, go visit their website. At the very least, beef up your history with Diana's History Alive CDs.


  1. I wish I could come over too! We listen to some of Diana's history CD's in the car and love them.

  2. We love those too. ALways listened to them when the kids were younger and we were on road trips. I think there's only one we haven't listened to and I plan on ordering that soon.


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