Friday, October 5, 2007

Carmel Apples,etc.

Lastnight we got to pick some appls at our friend's home. Today, we made carmel apples, following an annual tradition of ours. We try to make them at least once every fall, and hopefully more. ") Yum!
Don't they look pretty when you leave some greenery on them?
The promise of making, and then eating such a wonderful treat, always inspires the children to work that much more diligently through the day so we could finish with school and chores and get to the fun stuff! I get them excited by having them unwrap all the little carmel squares and drop them into the crockpot early on, so they keep thinking about what they have to look forward to later.
This evening we had Mrs. S and her little girls over for homemade chicken noodle soup and crackers and...of course- carmel apples. I think they were a hit!
I know she will kill me for posting this, but I couldn't resist! he he he.

I also got some gorgeous Pumpkin Spice soap made, a huge batch of granola, and only 1 load of laundry. EEK. Guess I did the fun stuff all day instead. Besides, there is a never ending mountain of laundry. I believe it reproduces down there in tt laundry room when nobody is watching!


  1. D, so glad to see you back blogging again! :-) Those caramel apples sure do look yummy!!! I assume that they're low-cal??? :-)
    Aud the bird lady

  2. Oh honey! EVERYTHING I make is NO CAL!
    he he he. It's MY world here...

  3. Yummy!!! Did you name the puppy yet?

  4. We named her "Punkin'

    She's as fat as a little punkin. he he.

  5. Okay,my mouth is watering and I think I will be adding caramels to my shopping list...the picture of your friend is "priceless" and I'm sure she will forgive you.:-)


  6. Um, kill you would be an understatment. You booger.

    Yes, they were yummy-liscious apples and Mr. S thanks you for his :).

    See you at church tomorrow...he he he...better make sure you aren't sitting in FRONT of me.


  7. Oh my! Getting roughed up at Church...isn't there a rule against that??
    cough cough...I'm not feeling well today. I may not be able to make, we'll see how I feel in the morning.


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