Saturday, November 24, 2007

Our New Little Shoppe...

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I was doing some thinking about all the mixed messages out there about moms working from home. Cottage industries, home business, or whatever you call it. I am the Queen of guilt, and always feel badly about anything that takes the focus off chores. Isn't that sick? I guess we just have so many! he he he.

Anyway, Tori and I have been having a blast in the kitchen together making soaps, solid lotion bars, bath salts, and lip butters. The whole thing- making them, packaging them, researching recipes, etc. has really been a fun thing for us. I started thinking about the Proverbs 31 woman in the Bible; she made and sold goods. She went out to the market to do it. "Heaven Forbid!"

Well, she was a pillar for the rest of us, right?! We are really blessed, because we can do the same, but only stay home and work right from the virtual world- computers! We can buy and sell and not even leave the house. Guilt assauged. Whew. Good.

Since I am now working with my daughter, we have changed the name of the soaps to fit better with our little partnership- Hick Chick Soaps and Hick Chick Soap Barn Shoppe is where we will sell them on-line. She isn't really a "Goat chick" and Doug calls me that, that's why I named my little soap business that way. Since we are hicks out in the sticks here, and all the "Farm Girl" titles and their varietations are so popluar and all taken, we decided Hick Chicks was pretty fitting and kind of playfully cute.

At any rate, we are having fun, and will have our shoppe opened up next week. I'll post a link so you can check it out and give me a review on the look and feel of it after I get it going. It's going to be a blast and it costs next to nothing to have this little online shoppe. We are pretty excited!

This project has been another great learning tool for the kids. Everybody in the family can be involved if they like, and as a homeschooling family, it really can be lessons in science, math, etc. A fun way to learn. I have smart kids. I'm really proud of them.


  1. Now that sounds like the coolest things....anything for extremely greasy hair???..our special needs daughter has the greasiest hair on the planet...and NOTHING seems to clean it thoroughly.

  2. Rinse her hair after shampooing with vinegar! Right in the shower or tub. Easy.
    Try and it let me know...

  3. I love that women are allowed to go back home to work these days and that modern day technology has given us that permission. The industrial age sent us away from our homes, the technological age has brought us back. And yes, now we can be like that Proverbs 31 Woman and be with our families once again.


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