Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Day in the Life: Could You Take it?

I was mulling over the Wife Swap show...sounds bad, huh? It's not that kind of wife swapping!

I have never seen it personally, but had been "nominated" by a magazine editor to do it once. I delined. But I got to thinking today...

How would a rich, spoiled city woman handle my daily life? My four children with no nanny? No tutor? (they are homeschooled)

How would she handle the manure and flies on the way to the barn when it's 98 degrees outside and there's milking chores to do?

How would she like grinding some grain in her "spare" time to make bread or whatever for dinner? And make it from scratch- healthy food!

How would she like the mountain of laundry that seems to reproduce without human assistance?

How would she like the puppy eating her shoes, the horses chewing through the fence, and the goats eating the bushes in the yard, having gotten in through the holes the horses chewed?

How would she like butchering some chickens?

How would she like doctoring sick livestock?

How would she like not having the time or the money to go shopping and lunch out with her friends?

I think I made it sound worse than it is, although that's all true, but not all day every day, obviously. Wouldn't it be fun to watch "her" (the polished, manicured, lovely, delicate thing) handle my life. I wouldn't mind trading for a bit. I'd get my nails done, eat a gorgeous lunch at a nice place, relax by the pool...

But, I'd want my own life back eventually. I like it. I might be crazy, afterall, most people who choose to raise goats and children at the same time probably are.


  1. You made me chuckle with this one....


  2. This is classic! You really do have a wonderful life out there on that beautiful farm!

  3. Dayln,
    How right you are!! I often think that of the people close to me also. We have taken a road less traveled than most we know. Their question is always "How do you do it?" I think it is about choices we make. I know for me, I could put the kids all in school (5 of them) and have a very different lifestyle. But as you said I would want things back eventually because it just wouldn't seem right.

  4. Oh geeez. I have thought the same thing and I HAVE watched the show. I not lucky enough to have horses or goats. But I do have six children. Does that count? HeHE.
    Keep up your blogging. Its fun to see someone else who lives life in a Godly way and enjoys it.
    In Christ,


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