Tuesday, January 22, 2008

There really is a war...

There is a man who fascinates me. His story repels me at first, but his testimony of meeting Jesus is powerful. Liberia is a place many are interested in right now. The more I know the less interested I get. But, this story is one worth hearing...if you can take it.
Ever heard of General Butt Naked? Grisly killer and cannibal turned preacher?
If nothing else, at least realize there really is a war going on- dark and light. Jesus against satan. It's a good thing we know Who won. The devil is a defeated foe.
Here's a few options for links...as you can see, the story about Joshua B., his real name, is all over international news right now.


  1. Thanks Dalyn for posting this...I have read about this for the last couple of day....I cannot even comment on the thing...it sickens me and makes me feel like throwing up...I cannot even imagine....no words to describe my feelings on this one.


  2. Liberia....... I really have no words....

    I appreciate your focus on this, my dear. It is so easy in our comfort and security to ignore these devastatingly real issues, but we must not.

  3. Was visiting blogs and came upon yours. I have never heard of this man. Amazing how much goes on in the world we do not know about.
    Your family is precious.

  4. Hey there! I followed the link from Persuaded, and you have such an interesting story to tell! I have another blogging friend who has a goat farm, and she is at goatbarnwitch.wordpress.com. Maybe you would enjoy reading her, and you guys can share goat stories! xoxo, Hil


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