Sunday, February 3, 2008

80's Rock at my house

Well the super bowl is over. whew. Now I'm puttering around on my computer and listening to the David Crowder band. Doug is having Bible time with the kids and I'm supposed to be getting ready for bed. Sneaky.

During the game I cooked, ate, and made lotion bars. I also set two jars of raw beets to fermenting for my salads this month and made hummus. I make mine super spicey. I had to make do without the tahini this time- bummer, but it was still good.

Afterward Doug and I got on iTunes and played old 80's music and humiliated the kids. That was fun! We danced, sang, wrestled and made general fools of ourselves. Tori's face was red. It was well worth the loss of dignity to me! ha ha ha! (sinister laughing)

Don't you just love the picture on this post? It's my oldest boy's muckboots in my kitchen garden...not that it's in the kitchen, but right outside of it. So, that's why you call it a "kitchen garden". It's a filled in old swimming pool. Hilarious. Hippy/Redneck. Gotta love it.

I'm getting excited for spring and summer. My plans are more gardens and less animals. I'm going to sell aboout 11 or more of my goats and get a good horse instead. I'd like one for myself to ride around here. The young ones we have are no fun for me. Arabians anyway, which means they spook at butterflies or the wind and I hate that kind of ride. bleh.

I had a great time with the last two bloggy giveaways this week. I'm going to do it again. I "met" so many new people and had alot of fun visiting other blogs. Tomorrow I have an eye Dr. appointment and Bible study. It's another busy week, but I'm hoping to get a few work outs and hot baths in...that has done wonders for my mood. Winter time is not my best season! I dream of summer *U* and shorts and flipflops every day.

Have a great week :) and I'll post a new giveaway in the next couple days...


  1. What?!?? You rocked out to 80's music without us? Jeff is going to be sooo jealous when I tell him. I don't let him play it much around here, or he'd have it on daily.
    Take Care!

  2. YOu crack me up! Let's be honest, I have seen Jeff dance! We kept it quiet on purpose! he he. Just joshin' *U*

  3. Dana and I love to go to You Tube and play all the 80's songs. Usually we can get the kids dancing with us, but they are still young enough not to think we are wierd.

  4. My kids started thinking we were weird along aboout the age of 12...although my 13 year old son still will act goofy and dance with me. Both of my boys are very fun and affectionate with me, but don't tolerate affection from other women- even relatives. Isn't that funny?
    I have to admit it makes me feel pretty special. I bet it will be doubly hard when they fall in love and choose wives though! Ugh. Nobody will be good enough for my boys. *U* Poor girls.


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