Thursday, February 21, 2008

Friday Show & Tell

It's Show & Tell Time!
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Here is my latest great find from Antiques etc. here in town. A lovely embroidered apron for only $8- a huge treat! Love the lacey edges at the bottom. It fits! It was made for me- I just know! Bless some women's soul for making it!

Here is my lovely pip berry garland and candle light sitting on my real, old rusty scale I got from my friend Tara. She had two, they were found on her farmette, that used to be an apple orchard.

Notice all my wonderful mason jars filled with goodies behind it. I love mason jars.

Here is my beautiful heart necklace made by my youngest son for me on Valentine's Day. It was made from paper, crayons, string, a clip, a magnet, and Elmer's glue *U*

My oldest son said I was a very brave woman. I wore it in public all day.

I assure you, I wore it with motherly pride!

Here is my new cinnie bun candle and some of the fixin's I bought from Hodge Podge Candles. Too cute. They smell divine. I was longing for some of these, and finally made the splurge.

My newest body goodie- Belly Butter! It's for beautiful pregnant bellies! This rich butter helps relieve itching and we hope helps prevent stretchmarks. It's the same idea as the commercial brands, but with no chemicles or synthetic preservatives. Now there's an idea! Who wants to rub that artificial junk all over the thin skin between a precious newborn and the world?
I wanted a natural butter for those bellies!
Hope you enjoyed my show & tell.
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  1. Your apron is too cute! Very dainty! It wouldn't take long for me to gunk it up! Someone suggested I attatch a towel to mine for wiping my hands on which is a great idea! I loved the scale. I have a soft spot for those. I posted a picture of mine just last week!

  2. Lovely apron and I love your scale and mason jars. I am a mason jar fan myself. Your son did real fine on the neckless. How special for you.

  3. All very beautiful things. I do like your apron. I wear the necklaces that my Granddaughters have made for me too. They are cute! I wish I had your Belly Butter when I had twins --- my belly was forever changed when I was pregnant with them!

    Thanks for your show and tell, I enjoyed seeing it.

  4. What lovely treasures! I'm sure you did wear your homemade valentine necklace with pride - and CARE! :D What a tribute, Mom! :)
    Thanks for sharing! Have a BLESSED day!

  5. Glad you wore your necklace. Tell your son I wish I had one! The apron was a really great find! Jen

  6. Love everything you featured on your Show & Tell, but especially the apron. This is the first time I've visited your blog. Very interesting. I like the picture of the goats. My parents told me I had a baby goat when I was about two years old. They said they got rid of the goat when it got big enough to knock me down. I don't know why they didn't just keep it away from me. I never did ask.

  7. I love the apron. The candle looks good enough to eat. Your son did a good job on the necklace.
    I have a scale similar to yours.

  8. I think the necklace is adorable! Which store is Antiques etc? Is that the one on Tieton Drive and 57th? I haven't been to any of the stores lately. You have some wonderful finds!

    Too bad I didn't have your belly butter when I was pregnant. I paid a bunch of money for some stuff at Rosauers the first time, and it seemed to work. Second time didn't want to spend that much, and now I have the marks. Yikes.

    Hope you are enjoying our warm weather!

  9. Hi, Dalyn! Great Show & Tell!! I LOVE your Apron - I noticed you'd changed your avatar earlier in the week to show your new apron!! Great candles and mason jars - I love jars, too! I LOVE that beautiful necklace - don't you just love wearing kid-made stuff? And your belly butter is a GREAT idea - sure glad I won't be needing any though! Ha!
    ~ Audrey ~

  10. Cute apron! Cute necklace! Great stuff! Thanks for sharing...

  11. You have some beautiful things. Thanks for sharing them.

  12. I love the way you have the old scale decorated. Looks lovely. The apron is beautifully simple. The necklace brought back memories of one I got one year. (Made out of two containers of modling clay - I felt like Wilma Flintstone walking around) but I wore it all day - and out in public too. God some pretty good stares.

    Thanks for sharing.


  13. your apron is lovely. and the scale is a wonderful addition! i enjoyed my visit...your page is so refreshing!

  14. I was just going to tell ya I thought you should make some sort of lotion butter! What a cute idea! I need one of these for a pregnant friend! What a fun post!


  15. I love that apron. It is so cute. The necklace is such a sweet treasure. Everything is special.

    Thanks for visiting me. Please come again when you can.


  16. Love the apron! I'm an apronaholic!

    You can check out my show & tell at

  17. o, that heart neclace is just to die for!! simply priceless. :) reminds me of the times when sis n i would make cards for our mum. hopefully my little one will do the same. :)

  18. I especially loved the little heart necklace....ahhhhhhh...gosh, they grow up so fast! Enjoy it while you can~


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