Friday, February 8, 2008

Frugal Ways

Frugal Ways

Rule #1 Frugal doesn’t mean cheap!

Investing in helpful, quality kitchen tools will make being frugal easier. Some of my favorites are: Kitchenaid, good hand blender,
A food processor, good blender (I have a VitaMix- worth every penny), stock/soup pots, and of course the coffee grinder-not
Just for coffee! I use one for that and one for nuts, seeds, and spices. Good cookbooks are priceless, and can be handed down
To future generations.

Also, buy fresh ingredients. Higher quality fresh produce is easily found for less at cultural markets.

Buy whole foods, for instance, baking and pureeing pumpkins in the late fall for the freezer gives me healthy, yummy muffin
fixin’s, and processing apples for sauce and apple pie filling for the freezer, freezing berries, and
Buy in Bulk- I buy most things in bulk and then bring them home and repackage them. Nuts, grains, oatmeal, dried fruit, etc.

Meats can be repackaged and put in the freezer before or after cooking for even greater convenience. Most foods can be
Somehow processed and preserved for later.

I find frugal living is easier accomplished when we have a home-centered, quiet life. I’m not rushing around all the time, grabbing
Something to fill empty bellies just because it’s available. No need for fast food or packaged snacks here!

One of my favorite ideas is "Baking Day". If you spend one day every other week baking muffins and scones, for instance (or
Biscuits, etc.) you can save a lot of money. Muffins are my favorite- there are so many varieties of ingredients; sweet, savory,
Or spicey! Best of all they are easy, inexpensive, store well in the freezer, and are so convenient. We pull them out for a quick
Breakfast, snack, or Tea Time treat.

I grind fresh grains, usually a mixture of Spelt and Soft White Wheat Berries for this-
For every two cups of flour I add ½ tsp. Sea salt, ½ tsp. Baking soda, and 1 ½ tsp. Baking powder.

*This is the basis of whatever muffins I’m making, so I mix large quantities of this up and store them in gallon size freezer bags
In the freezer, to keep the flour from spoiling. (which is does! After 72 hours you have lost most of the nutrients if left out)

2 cups +2 tsps. Of this dry mixture is what you will need for one regular recipe batch.
I double the recipe, and freeze the cooled muffins for later. Whenever we want muffins, or need a snack for on the road- we
Just grab a bag out of the freezer.
If I’m having a Baking Day- I make 2 double batches of different kinds of muffins to last us for the month.

Most of our lives are built around our habits. We choose our lifestyle, eating habits, and everything else.
Train your taste buds, and your children’s, to enjoy healthy, nourishing foods, and to enjoy healthy leisure- not mindless enter-
tainment like TV or Video games. Take advantage of the library-good books are a wonderful treatment for the mind and soul!

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  1. Great tips Dalyn! Very good!

    So how do you add pumpkin puree to muffins?? In exchange for what if anything? Sounds good to me! Only, I have no clue...

    One of my favorite muffins is from a 10 grain cereal by Bob red mills. Its on the back and its soooo good... we put crazins in , instead of dates...

    I enjoyed reading your post! Lisa


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