Monday, February 18, 2008

My Personal SoapBox!

I hadn't been paying much attention to the new about the beef recall lately. But this morning as I wandered around the Mary Jane's Farm forum I read the posts about it. There was an undercover video of extreme cruelty at a slaughterhouse. I didn't see it, as the TV hasn't been on in I can't remember how long.

We have seen this before. With cattle, chickens,(hanging upside down and being plucked while still alive) etc.

Here's a solution....grow your own (humanely). IF you can't, then buy from someone else who does.

It's time for us to quit being apathetic. It's easier to buy from the store. Even though we know it's pumped full of growth hormones, atibiotics, and fed garbage instead of food. But we go the easy way anyway.

Support your local farmer for a change and QUIT buying this kind of meat. If there's a market for it then it will always be happening.

We are the ones who dictate if it continues. Really. Don't we realize that? Do we really feel so helpless? We don't know, we don't try, we don't care...we don't know how...these are all lame excuses.

We breed them into our children too. You know, the ones we are raising in front of the TV, with a remote control, and a bag of chips and a can of soda.

Be a little wild- send them outside to play instead and cook them meals.

Take them to the Farmer's Market near you to to the people who raise the food you are going to eat. Not the stuff created in a lab and made by a machine.

Or if possible, be totally radical and grow and raise some your own little self.

Ask yourself this: what would happen if for some reason, our lives dramatically changed-and they could in a blink of an eye- and we no longer just had the easy way out- going to the local grocery store. What would you do? What would you feed your family? Have you considered that possibility?!

Consider it.

Consider the rising diseases among us and our children...what is the reason? I think you know.

Diabetes, cancer, etc.??

Buy handmade.

Buy Homegrown.

You'll solve a whole lotta problems.


  1. I enjoy stopping by to read about what's been going on in your neck of the woods. I started reading your blogs back when you were still at home school blogger....I had read about your family in The Old Schoolhouse. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to share so much! What I was wondering...would you be willing to share what's been going on in your home school front? What kinds of curriculum have you been has your year been going? Any "cool" ideas to share about what's been working for your family? Thanks so much!

    Blessings from Montana,

  2. Sure, I'll post that sometime soon *U*
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Dalyn, you are so right on this. People don't realize the kinds of things they (and their children) are eating and how much it effects them. Organic and natural foods may cost a little bit more but isn't it worth it in the long run? I watched the yahoo video on this and it makes you sick just watching it. Plus we need to support the "little guy" so we don't lose that opportunity.


  4. Amen Dalyn! I'm about to post a huge rant on my own blog...well, you already knew from MJF. I'll have that up tomorrow...I like the points you posted here. Good for you, Sister!

  5. Preach it sister... I did see it on the news and was disgusted! We are going to be buying our beef from a farmer in the Squim area. My step dad buys all their beef from him and for a good price too...

    The video angered me!


  6. Ouch! You are so right. The kids and I were just looking at some pictures sent to us from the orphanage in Haiti where we are adopting our little girl. One of the pictures had 4 live chickens sitting with their legs tied outside of the kitchen waiting for dinner preparation. My kids were so sad but it gave us a chance to talk about all that's been on the news lately. You are right we need to quit being sad or disgusted and take action. Thanks!

  7. Amen! While I buy at the supermarket, I'm very selective about what I buy. We cannot allow the meat industry to continue to sell us diseased, hormone and antibiotic filled, abused animals!

    During the summer we enjoy walking over to Russell's Nursery and buying from Jones Farms. Just wish the Farmer's Market wasn't on Sundays.

  8. i so totally agree with you here! and i am good about some of it... the no tv, active kids part:-)

    but i am not good about the buying locally (i read your other post above first!) and i do get my meat from the supermarket. i hate hate hate the idea of factory farms and slaughterhouse cruelty and just the general complete disrespect and disregard for animals and their welfare... HATE it! but still i opt for the "cheap and easy", and still get the chicken breasts from the freezer case at w*lmart:-(

    it just seems so confusing and expensive and difficult to do other wise... so educate me, please, pretty please:-) how does one incorporate all of this without it absorbing all of one's spare time and overspending one's budget? (please excuse my woeful ignorance!)


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