Friday, February 15, 2008

Show 'n Tell Friday

Here we go! I haven't done this for a couple weeks- but it's fun. It's Show 'n Tell day *U* Go sign up for it: here.
I thought I'd show off some of the great stuff that my Farm Girl friends are making me in exchange for soaps 'n stuff.

Cathy is making me a red apron, much like this. I am so excited I can barely stand it! I love aprons...wear them all the time, as do my girls. To have a pretty, flouncy, red apron will be a delight! My husband thinks aprons are hot. I have to agree. Hey, I'm glad he's easy to please *U* He is attracted to "housewifey" stuff, no high heels, or slinky dresses...I'm so glad! I am totally a hippy redneck and I'd rather be thought of as cute by him in jeans and an apron anyday.

My 2nd picture is Miss Wanda June. Isn't she darling? She was hand stitched by Frannie who also makes adorable bunnies (just found out that Frannie is the "Texas Frannie") and pin cushions and other sweet things. Her home is the most gorgeous prim decorated place! The farm girls are having a gathering there this weekend, but, too bad for me- it's across the country!

So that's my short and sweet show 'n tell for this week- please leave me a comment so I know y were here, and so I can visit you!


  1. That red apron is absolutely wonderful! I can see why you are so excited to get one.

  2. I Love the apron, and can see why you're excited. My husband thinks I look hot in a apron, too. I'm happy to oblige!

  3. So gorgeous...isn't it great that our husbands love us just the way we are:-).

    Can you check out my blog and see if it is still disabled...thanks luv.

  4. DALYN,
    I Just ordered more soap from you, I gotta say its the best I have found!!
    You are getting some nice things from the Farmgirls. I have four of Frannie's dolls they are really cute. I just ordered a Bunny from texas Frannie, I will be taking a picture of her and putting it on my blog as soon as I get it.
    I was at the thrift today got some nice things.Can't stay away from that place!

  5. What a neat show and tell day!! can't wait to see your new apron!

  6. I am laughing here, about your husband thinking aprons are "hot"! That made my day!

  7. Oh that apron is so cute. I love the color. I can see why you are excited to receive it. Funny comment by your husband, that aprons are hot. That's awesome.


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