Saturday, February 23, 2008

Spoiled Rotten

I am spoiled today!

Look at my wonderful blog! It's so spruced up I can't believe it *U*

The wonderful woman who did this is another adoptive mamma at Lady in Waiting who is raising money for her China adoption. If you want your blog spruced up, completely redesigned, or a new one created, go see her. She is reasonable and afterall, you will be supporting an adoption.

Lookie at what the mail carrier brought to my front gate *U*
I got my sweet Wanda June! She had some traveling companions...the raggedy ornies that I was also waiting for. Aren't they all adorable? Wanda June is still waiting for a red headed friend, Shirley Jo to show up. (hint hint)
Wanda June came from Frannie- er, Sister Mercy, and the Raggedy Ornies came from Loveable Raggs.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhh, its all so wonderful!

  2. Your blog does look real nice, and your Frannie doll is so cute. I got mine today too. This is my fifth one. They get better all the time. I posted a picture of mine too.

  3. Hello!

    Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me. I ADORE your blog! Too, too cute! I love your new apron find. I'm kind of addicted to them myself. I had to laugh because in one of my descriptions of myself (on The Homeschool Lounge) I said, "I can often be found in an apron, but don't be surprised if I'm also wearing muck boots." Guess we're kindred spirits. :-)


  4. Well! I thought so...after I went to your blog this morning I was sure we must be related!
    Let me know how the goat shopping goes.
    I was just signing up for the homeschool lounge too- weird!!

  5. I can see the header now! What an adorable blog you have!!!


  6. I'm so glad you came to visit and signed up for my giveaway, cuz I found your delightful blog! Love the layout, who ever did it did a great job! I'll be back and good luck to you! And your a farmgirl too, woohoo!!

  7. Your blog is adorable and so are the goods!

    i added you as a Lounge Sister!

  8. Hi Dalyn!

    Your blog is adorable. I'm tagging you. Please visit my blog to find out the rules!


  9. Dalyn, I just say that yours is the nicest blog I've seen. Wow, she did a fabulous job. I'll have to stop in a pay her a visit!


    P.S. Those dollies are just too cute.


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