Tuesday, March 25, 2008


My favorite picture of the week...Doug and Rob- two big strong guys, a firefighter and another guy with a cool job (how's that Teresa?)- doing the dishes after Resurrection Day dinner in Rob and Teresa's kitchen.


Rob- who apparently ate a little too much dinner!
Due date?

Doug, showing everybody who will look the (small, tiny, barely visible) puncture wound I accidently gave him with a serving fork. Hey! Don't mess with me!

T. wearing the really cute, reversable apron the Cathy from Mary Jane's Farm forum made me in trade for soap.

Our kids! My four, Rob and Teresa's four, plus J. a good friend.


  1. I just found your blog. What a darling family you have and you all do such creative things. I'm afraid I'm not very crafty. I love the apron in the photo. I actually stopped using soap late last year. I developed a bad case of eczema and it got so much better when I switched to soap free cleansers. That's all I use now. I'm sure your all natural soap is great as well.

  2. What a lovely bunch! Too bad our weather wasn't more agreeable for Easter.

    I'm loving the smell of the soap, we'll see if all 3 bars make it to the intended recipients. I may be calling for more :)

  3. Loved the post....cute Apron.


  4. Loved the pictures. The apron is adorable too.


  5. The pictures are great. I will have to tease Robby the next time I talk to him.
    (Teresa's sister)


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