Sunday, April 27, 2008

Very Weird...

I came across an article...I'm in it. Odd. I never knew about it. I don't know the author. Some of the details (like where I live) are wrong. The whole thing is so weirdorama!
I don't know if I should laugh or be worried...


  1. Perhaps that isn't you at all. Did you ever do an interview and say those things? It is probably just someone with the same name...

  2. nope. The really weird thing is that those are my children, and that's exactly what we were doing at the time!

  3. very strange!!! They quoted you on something that you never said? That is creepy!!! Is there an email or something to contact the person who wrote it?

  4. Well isn't that something! They must have liked your lovely name! At least you were quoted as saying something worthy.


  5. Don't they need your permission to print something about you in that context?
    ~ Audrey ~


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