Friday, May 9, 2008

Ranch Life...and Death

Our little crabby pony passed away quietly today. In her favorite dust hole in the farthest part of the pasture. As a matter of fact, almost exactly where she is standing in the picture above. She was old, tired, and sore. What a blessing the poor little thing got to spend her last year + here on our ranch with plenty of grass, clean water, and a herd.

Life and death are all normal, and the kids didn't cry. They are ranch kids, and they knew she was in pain and had the kind of death you wish we all could have.

She's the smaller, shaggy paint in the picture. Her name was Foxy.

Unfortunately she is still laying there, until we can get some equipment to move her tomorrow.

Two of my Nubian girls are in a clean stall with piled up fluffy, fresh shavings in the corner. It's the maternity ward. They are both due any minute. Death today, but tomorrow new life... such a good picture of what it's all about. Life is good. God is good.


  1. You are so and death....if we were to think of that all the time, I know we would live each day differently...but we get so busy and forget that this could be our I will live today...I will stop and smell the roses.....great post.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day my dear friend...and so sorry for your loss.

    Give greetings to your clan...and blessings for the weekend.


  2. Hi, this is my first time visiting your blog and I'm very sorry to hear about your pony dying. I love horses, always wanted one but have never had one. I asked my parents for one back when I was a kid, and instead I got a hamster (nope, not kidding, lol).

    How wonderful that you live on a ranch and share it with these beautiful creatures. :)

  3. Aw, so sorry to hear about Foxy's passing. It's nice that she passed quickly and quietly without a lot of suffering. You are so right about life & death being a fact of life on the farm. It's a great life and lesson for children to grow up on a farm! My childhood horse will be 38 on June 10th!!!! She lives with my sister back in Ontario, Canada. Hopefully your new little kids will be healthy and happy.
    ~ Audrey ~

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your pony(((Gentle Hugs)))



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