Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Special Houseguests...

We spent a wonderful, fun time with Bill and Diana Waring. They spent the night lastnight and I thought were pretty gracious about all the animals, wind, and me getting them to the wrong church for their speaking engagment lastnight *U*

If you have had the blessing of hearing them speak at a convention or fireside chat, you know how encouraging and inspirational they are. Not to mention so, so smart! Well, they are also a barrel of fun and full of stories and laughs. The selfish part of me thinks the Lord was so kind to send them here for just us, the special time that was the highlight for me; our time of prayer in the livingroom after a big country breakfast.

I really needed some prayer and encouragment! I was so thrilled when Diana suggested we go sit and pray...oh thank You Lord!

SO...I am refreshed, grateful, and have been blessed to have had the privelege of spending time with this great couple, who were so nice to my children. We had a great time! If you haven't heard of Bill and Diana, or of History Alive, go take a peek.

Diana loved cuddling the newborn goats, so I hope they will come back just to hang out sometime. They are spending a big part of the summer touring around the conventions, etc. and even going to Korea this year. They are international speakers, and if you would remember to cover them in prayer, that would be appreciated. Also, if you are in Washington, check out W.A.T.C.H. of which Bill is now the president. They are having a really super convention this year!


  1. They were so inspirational. It was so nice to meet them.


  2. I had a good time also, so encouraging! I am still waiting for pictures of your hubby's new hair do!

  3. I had a good time also, so encouraging! I am still waiting for pictures of your hubby's new hair do!

  4. You are so lucky to have such awsome houseguests!!! Thank you for kind comments on my blog. I have to admit I am somewhat of a "blog stalker":) I check yours everyday and yes we are very much in the same place. You are known as the "goat chick" around here and Hubby and kidos all know I am talking about you! Thanks for all the inspiration!

    Renee at Tail Spin Farm


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