Tuesday, July 8, 2008

There Are NO Words

to describe my pain.
Some of the goats got loose....they ate the tops off my tomato plants, and all the little green tomatoes.
I hate goats today.


  1. my sweet friend, you finally got tomatoes, and then those rascals ate them...there are no words for the frustration you must feel. Love you lots~T

  2. I lost my strawberry plants and all to some very misbehaved goats. I cried cause I lost the berries but I did finally forgive the goats and fix the latch so they couldn't open it themselves. LOL

  3. Oh Bad Goats! (Or should I say Baaaaaaad goats!)

    Sorry to hear about your 'maters.

    Hey, my hubby says goats don't eat grass...just weeds and grain and hay and stuff. Is that true? I always thought they ate grass. Am I thinking of sheep?

  4. Goats do eat grass. They prefer browse (shrubs, your trees, etc.!) The goats will ignore tall, lush grass in favor of tree limbs. Weirdos.


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