Saturday, August 2, 2008


I'm back!
Last week my blog got labeled as spam...??Interesting *U*
I had to fill out a form for blogger and have them investigate my two blogs before I had access again. Looks like like I made the investigation!
What's new?! So glad you asked...
Most of the goats are sold. I will only have less than half a dozen now. BIG change for me. I will have one milker left, for kefir and soap making. My back is shot and just can't handle the load anymore.
I am part of a newly formed Women's Ministry team, and I will be leading another Beth Moore study and organizing a Fall Tea right off the bat, short-notice-like.
I am also ministering soon at the local mission. They have a fairly new women and children's chapel, seperate from the men, so I will be doing chapel services as often as I can. How weird is that? Awesome and humbling, really.
Also, a friend and I are starting up a small homeschool mom's support group for this part of our valley.
Whew! Is there enough on the agenda??!
All fun though- I have been almost completely "at home only" for the most part of 5 years. so now I feel the need to get back to some of the social things that I love. God is so good!
I am getting really excited about school starting up again. With two high school aged kids now things should be really fun!
I will take the time to post our curricuclum next week sometime. I'm buying all our books now, so we will start making schedules and all that fun stuff! I LOVE that part of homeschooling. Really!
That's all for now- I was just so happy I could finally blog again I guess I spit out a bunch. *U*


  1. That's awesome Dalyn! God is good,good,good!!! Love ya :)


  2. Oh my goodness, God bless you!

  3. Sounds like you are up to your old tricks again ;). I am glad to hear of all thats going on for you, you do so well in those situations.

    Miss ya so much! Can't wait to see you guys!!!


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