Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Do you like to swap/trade stuff?

I do!

It's frugal, a good way to save money and recycle/reuse.

There are lots of places to trade, but this one is new, and I love love how it's set up.

If you make or sell things, or just want to swap, this is a great place!

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  1. Hi there, Queen!
    The things I love about being a queen, is that we daughters of the KING! WIth all the hoopla on crowns and queen goods these days, it means so much mroe to me than what the world sees...as I said being a dau of the king makes me a princess.
    Anyhoo...thanks for finding my blog. I am not good about daily posting...just too much going on in life, ya know?
    But I wanted to give you a post back and say my daughter's fav author is Francine Rivers.
    Also,I live about two miles from the K House. I know a guy who works there. Funny how when things are in your own back yard you don't pay it much mind...case in piont I don't know much about K house and have to admit I don't remember if I have ever been to a live teaching of Chuck Missler.
    But I know he has touched lives all over the world.
    Your goats are so cute. So you make your own cheese...oh so I love cheese. It would be fun to taste some, don't know if I have ever had goat cheese.
    I have been to Yakima. I went to a reunion over thata way about two or three years ago. I have not been back since.
    Well, again thanks for visiting my blog. I ahve no listings on mine, for some reason I have some sort of blocker and can't seem to do that, although I have a new computer and have changed my primarly Internet provider, so maybe I should try again. But right now I am in the midst of getting ready for the Vintage Barn antique sale. I am a vendor here, she was in the latest issue of Country Living Magazine...beautiful setting. Come on over if you like antiques and would like a nice drive, it is in Rathdrum, Id on Sept 6th. Speaking of, I need to get going on my preparations...so I am signing off.
    Would love to hear more from you.
    BTW...I make glitter covered crowns for sale...MJ has one in her new store she is opening in the CdA (Coeur d' Alene) Resort mall...which I think is next Friday, I think.


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