Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Easy Leafy Green Eating

I have found a wonderful way to get delicious, easy salads in my day. Fall is a busy time, so it's easier to forget about building yummy salads and grabbing something easy for lunches on the go instead that may not be so good for me.

These 5 0z. pre-washed salads from Earthbound Farm are organic,so good, and so easy. My new favorite is the Fresh Herb Salad. I( don't do iceburg lettuce! It's hard to digest and has little or no nutritive value. )

I added homegrown tomatoes and baby squash, pecans, feta cheese, and my favorite homemade dressing, and I had a feast for dinner. The remaining salad in the container will be made similar, minus the dressing, which I will carry seperately, and now I have a lovely salad-on-the-go. I'll just add the dressing right before I'm ready to eat. No tempation for fast food- and the container is so handy.

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