Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's Happening in Your Kitchen?

In my kitchen this morning there is a lovely browned pork shoulder roast in the crockpot with celery, carrots, a local pear, and local Walla Walla Sweet onion browned in the roast drippings~ it will be dinner tonight served over brown rice with salad.

There are garbanzo beans soaking for making hummus in a day or two.

There are pears sliced up in the dehydrator.

There are a box of pears from the orchard across the dirt road waiting to be turned into Pear Honey, and a box of local Golden Delicious apples ready to be dehydrated, turned into pie filling and frozen, and the leftovers made into a crisp for tomorrow.

Pumpkin seeds needing to be soaked,and a jar of kefir needing to be strained and fed.

Two dozen eggs are being hardboiled for the week ahead, and I'm hoping my man is bring ome an elk this weekend, so then the kitchen will be really busy!

I love my big kitchen!

I can see my horses and some of the goats and chickens out the huge window...hawks, blue herrons flying low, an occassional coyote, and once in awhile and owl!


  1. Oh honey, please share the reciepe for that shoulder roast in the crock pot. My dh bought half a cow and it has several roasts in it. I only know one recipe for roast and yours sounds wonderful.

    Please share!!?

  2. I love it when the kitchen is full of things baking simmering, etc..... It just seems so homey.


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