Sunday, October 26, 2008

Biker Momma?!

You are allowed to laugh at my expense here...

anyone remember the 80's? Seattle Grunge?


The kids dug my old leather jacket out of storage and had me put it on so they could laugh at me, then, nothing would do but they had to get proof!

Another remnant from my life B.C.
Care to guess on that? What does B.C. stand for?


  1. That’s totally the 80s man! LOL I’m sorry but I did giggle... although.. may I add you look great in it! *Ü* So don’t say 80s... its almost vintage!

    Oh and B.C..... I use it all the time darlin... its Before Christ... I have many years w/ BC behind it...

    I see a picture to my right... looks like a tart w/ raspberry on it.... that looks so good!

    Its good to see you... wish we could sit in more conferences or workshops together... I truly miss sitting at home school soccer and chatting w/ you... I always looked forward to it...

  2. Lisa! I should have known you would guess! You had the same life *U* I wouldn't be surprised if you had worn the same jacket!

    I really hope you can come out sometime...I miss hangin' out too. YOu could always come spend the night on a homeschool support group night and be the speaker! Not scarey, it's a small group. What do ya say? SPring when the snow is off the pass?

  3. That is why I got rid of all of my BC things. They have a way of sniffing that stuff out.

  4. Oh my gosh! Speak?? I curumba!

    I would Love to come over! Spring it is!! Dont you forget now...

  5. Oh!! and uh.. you hit the nail on the head... I did have a leather jacket... and a white leather skirt too... *Ü*

    only I didnt keep it... it was all left back in Maryland... *Ü*


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