Saturday, October 4, 2008

Deliberate Lifestyle Changes...

Today I have been convicted about making some very deliberate changes in lifestyle for my family. I'm going through all my homestead-type books and magazines, articles (even some I wrote) and have come up with quite a list.

We need to get to a place where we are simple, and waaaay more self-reliant.

Here's what I have done today:

started another sourdough starter

Made a list of what to buy in bulk (most I alrady do, but I'm wanting to double or triple these)





our favorite grains (soft white, spelt, buckwheat)


canned food

dried fruit


sea salt

I also decided to breed one of my dairy goats to a Boer buck, so I can keep "meat -on-the-hoof" around. I'll get two piglets next spring, and I'm hoping at least one calf.

I also want a grain grinder powerful enough to do beans, but non-electric. Everytime I grind grain I think, "what would I do without electricity?" Maybe I'll find out!

I'm going to get more cast iron pans and at least one, but hopefully two cast iron dutch ovens.

I WILL learn to garden. I will. I will.

Somebody help me!

I'm going to get busy with my milkers next year to ensure my family has good, healthy raw milk again.

I'm grateful for my chickens and other poultry...but I have to figure a way to get electricity to the henhouse so I can keep egg production up this winter.


  1. I wish we lived closer! We are so much alike in thinking. We just butchered our 11 turkeys this morning YEA! and we were also talking about changes to make. I would still love to get goats and hubby is almost there, just not sure if I am ready to jump in with both feet! Please keep writing more on this and ideas you have. I love learning from your wisdom.

    fowltail farm

  2. I can so relate to your thoughts on this. We still need to get out in the country first. SIGH!!!

  3. If, or should I say "when," you get dairy goats, be sure to also buy a cheese press and all the required cheese cultures and paraphenalia for home cheese making. It's not very expensive, and you won't be sorry.

  4. Thanks, but I do have goats, cultures, and even a press *U* I have been an amature cheese maker for a couple of years now.
    It's fun!


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