Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friday Show & Tell "The List"

For my Show & Tell Friday this week I'd planned on taking pictures of some of the whimsical things I have decorating my home, but alas, the teen -ager girl here locked the memory card for the camera...darling. So, instead I thought I'd list some of the things I do to improve my health and be a whole person. I had a very poor diet growing up and until the past several years, and alot of emotional baggage, and those things really do wreak havock!

So, here's my bottom line list of ten essentials:

1. Spend time prayerfully soaking up the Word. Personalize it. (Bible reading and Bible Study)

2. Forgive. Don't hold on to grudges, anger, or any negative feelings about others.

3. Spend time consciously meditating on God's love, for myself as well as others.

4. Do not let my mind chew on negative emotions. They make us ill in all sorts of ways, and are the cause of the majority of disease and sickness.

5. Eat organic and whole foods first- closest to natural as possible, wild and free range as much as possible. No eating out of packages, boxes, etc. No sugar, white flour, white rice, sodas, etc.

6. Eat more raw foods. Enymes!

7. Spend time with animals, nature, and babies *U* Especially my own.

8. Physical excersise daily, especially walking in natural surroundings, spending time observing nature. (sometimes I replace this with a nice horseback ride through the orchards, along the elk fence)

9. Take time to be deliberate in things I do, think, and say. Slow down.Enjoy...

10. Be content with things I have. Stuff clutters the soul! Being an over consumer, over eater, and over doer is not healthy.


  1. Dalyn, what a great list! If nothing else we could all benefit wonderfully from #'s 1, 2,4, 9, and 10!! Well, all of them are great!

  2. Dalyn,

    Although I am not on the raw foods bandwagon (as of yet!) I really enjoy reading about your journey to a healthier lifestyle. It is encouraging.

    I love this list. I think that I should be doing most of these things but have yet to actually do them... like the daily exercise. Getting outside always feels so good but it's sure hard to take that first step out the door.

    Thanks for the post, I enjoy reading your blog!

  3. thanks! That's so nice! I'm not a total raw person- I assure you. The walks I know are hard...I live in a gorgeous place, horse ranches and fruit orchards, and I still have to drag myself's all a matter of habit!

  4. Hey Dalyn,

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I LOVE this list. I may have to print it out and put it in front of me or on my fridge. These are SO important.

    I love that you raise goats for goat milk. My goal is to make some really good moisturizing goat milk soap sometime. :)



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