Monday, October 13, 2008

Life is an Education

I guess one of the many reasons I love homeschooling my kids is that I love to learn, too. I love research! If I am engrossed in a new topic, I become so focused- and happy *U*

Right now I'm back to researching Nubian, Mini Nubian, and Nigerian Dwarf goats again- and some of the good breeders local to me. I'm shopping for another Nubian buck these days.

I'm thinking of starting a 4 H club with my friend Teresa, and inviting Michelle. We could show goats, chickens, and rabbits next year.

I'm researching raw food again. Lots. Raw food recipes are on my mind, but I love to cook, and I love cooked food. I really don't know why I feel so compelled to study this topic, but I do. I am eating more raw all the time, and feel less hungry for things like meatloaf, and cannot even think of eating processed, chemical-laden foods without getting sick for real.

I am studying a bit on gardening again. Not that I'm any good at it.

I am trying to learn to make my cheese raw. Not having great success finding help with that topic. If you can help, by all means show me a little kindness and leave a comment with the info!

I am researching the Psalms of Acsent, and the words and meanings of Agape and Agapeo, pertaining to God.

I'm thinking about learing archery hunting, just so I can keep up with the guys. I don't actually want to be successful at that- but it would be fun to have that in common with my husband and sons. I'd like to go hunting on our horses- that would be great!

Leave me a comment and tell me what you are currently interesting in learning more about...maybe I'll pick up a new interest from you! You never know. There are so so many interesting things in life!


  1. I love to read the things you are doing or thinking about! Right now my mind is on the 7 baby angora rabbits in my bedroom and keeping them healthy, how to go about selling them or building more cages to keep them and will we be able to keep up with all the fur!!! I want a pygora goat (angora/pygmy) but what would we do when we take our once a year week long trip?(any suggestions?) I am interested in a "real serious" fiber farm but do we have the space and time for it right now. Lots of other things are always floating around in my head, which you know can be dangerous! We are looking at possibly starting a home church and researching that more. But life is good, it wouldn't be much fun for me if something isn't going on:)

  2. Oh I forgot, I used the cheese curd recipe you posted the other day with the raw milk we get, it turned out AWSOME, they didn't even last a day!

  3. Renee, I need to know your blog address *U*
    About leaving for a week- well, we used to go for a month every year! No more. Haven't found a solution to that, except have someone you trust come to stay while you are away. Not always easy.
    I'm so gla you tried the cheese curds! Yahoo!

  4. Dalyn, I think you have my blog already. Sorry forgot to put it on the comment!


  5. Keep trying and you will learn to garden, Queenie! I've killed more plants than I care to admit, but it's all part of the learning process. Also, find a gardening book that was written for your area, this will help immensely. Trust me, Full Sun is not something most plants relish in my part of Texas...though lots of books say they do LOL!!!

    I am trying to get the nerve up to actually make some soap...though, I'm a bit confused by all the different recipes. Help!

    I'm studying permaculture and Native American medicines, still trying to learn to make a decent batch of sour kraut or kim chi, and reading lots of books about sewing these days...not doing much sewing, but collecting lots of ideas :) .

    Hugs from Texas,

  6. Hi. Just checking you our after you were kind enough to stop by my blog. I am so sad we live so far away from each other. You sound like someone I would love to know in person. Love the beeswax and goats milk. You seem so interesting. I'm off to poke around and learn more!


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