Thursday, November 6, 2008

CAP Open House

A couple weeks ago the kids and I went to T's open house event fro CAP (Civil Air Patrol). I was pleasantly surprised that it was not one iota boring *U* We had a blast, actually. Everyone got to participate. They had even my youngest kids marching and drilling (which is actually alot of fun).

Here's the oldest "T" with the black and white T shirt in front, my youngest "B" with the camo shirt, and my other girl, "G", the African girl with the pink sweatshirt. They drilled about 45 minutes! Which was fine, since they consumed enough cake and punch to keep them awake all night if they hadn't marched it off.

Here's my oldest boy, "T" looking quite good, I must say! My pictures turned out fuzzy, but trust me, he's one good-lookin' guy *U* I'm very proud of him, and I love seeing him in his uniform.

Here's our "J". He's technically not mine, but he has become part of our family unit. He got "T" interested in the Civil Air Patrol, and is his best friend.

(I''l l have "T" send you these pictures "J"!) Yes, I am not mentioning names on purpose...don't want some weirdo tricking you boys into his car *U* Moms are like that, just trust me boys.

Here's "B" and "G" getting instructions from a pilot before he let them "fly" the wooden plane they had hooked up in that tall building.


  1. Awesome - I just love to see kids involved in civic, patriotic organizations! Good Job!

  2. Aww, thanks Mrs. Weller!

    Send some of those "weirdos" my way, and I'll show them where my boot goes.

  3. You do realize we now know "J"s last name right? :)


  4. ha ha! I do realize that *U*
    The big boys don't care if I use their names. I baby them and it makes them mad, and that's fun!

  5. Are you calling me fat, Mrs. Weller?


    And no, I don't care that anyone knows my name. Not a whole lot on this earth scares me anymore, after hanging out with you guys. If some rabid clown. Shows up at my doorstep tomorrow, I give you permission to say "I told you so." Until then, there's no point in living in paranoid fear of everyone else on the planet.



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