Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Need Help!

I need help *U* Is there any kind soul willing to put a simple background on this blog? The last make-over it got was cute, but now the background file thelady used has been deleted and that leaves me in a bit of a lurch.
I would so appreciate it!


  1. Sorry sister, I can't help with the background, but I'm sure some kind soul will!
    As for your profile....go for the hippie-wanna-be :) .
    For some reason, people seem to associate my family with the word Hippie. One of the ministers recently used us as an example in his teaching, "You know, hippies...those people who grow gardens and stuff, like the Loves!" Whatever :) .
    No matter what you call yourself, you'll always be Queenie to me!
    Sending Love & Hugs from Texas,
    Catherine :)

  2. You know I will ;). Email me your password info & a link to or idea of what you want the background to be.

    Love ya..

  3. I wish I knew how to help but you will notice my background is all white!

  4. Hey, Dalyn ~
    The easiest and quickest fix I know is to go to:
    and pick something new, it's free :) and they have a ton of variety to choose from. It's not hard to do. (if you get stuck, give me a holler...)
    Hope this helps out!

  5. I'd help you if I could, but I'm jut not computer smart enough. :-(
    A friend did mine for me.

  6. Write to me and I will try and help you. Write me at marciblu at embarqmail dot com


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