Monday, November 24, 2008

Parabens & Going No-Poo

Here's a little article to peruse as you sip your cup of coffee...*U*

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This is another reason why I'm glad we make our own soap, lotion bars, lip butters, and bath salts! I remember being told in JROTC over 20 years ago in class as we covered government supplied army education that we girls should never use shampoo on our hair in the shower. Shampoo had chemicals in it they said, that might give us breast cancer.

Imagine that. I should have listened then. I guess I had no other alternatives presented to me.


What is in our Shampoo and Make-up? Could this be causing premature menopause and early periods?


Could a common preservative used in many beauty products be a potential health risk?

The jury is still out, but one Seattle doctor is waging a campaign to build awareness of the potential hazard, especially for young girls.

According to Dr. Tami Meraglia of the Vitality Medisap and Wellness Center, parabens are everywhere.

"Most of your makeup has it. Your shampoo has it. It's really, really a problem because you have to read the label," she said.

"They come in all forms... methylparaben, butylparaben, ethyl-methyl paraben… anything that has the paraben at the end of the word is this potentially dangerous health risk," she said.

Why? Because parabens mimic estrogen.

"And did you know that products you use can get inside your body, products you use every day," she continued.

As a public service announcement from Cornell University explains, long-term exposure to parabens can increase your risk for breast cancer, which is why there is concern for young girls, not to mention boys.

"We've found that it does accumulate in our fatty tissues, these parabens, and it increases over time. And when it has an estrogen-like activity, we're thinking it might have something to do with why we're getting puberty earlier, why we're getting infertility in women in their early 20's, problems that we cant quite figure out, but this looks like definitely one culprit or the culprit," said Meraglia.

The FDA believes that at the present time there is no reason for consumers to be concerned.

The FDA does not regulate cosmetic ingredients, but the agency did issue a statement on its Web site saying there is no reason at the present time for consumers to be concerned about parabens.

Dr. Meraglia says she advises her clients to avoid parabens.

"Anything that isn't helpful, I want to cut out. It's like bad clothes. Get rid of them! Bad preservatives, get rid of them!" she said.

Many paraben-free products come in a pump bottle to prevent exposure to air, but the only way to tell for sure is to read the label.


  1. I'm checking my things right now. And I want my husband to read this post too. Thank you.

  2. That's nothing, smoke detectors contain radioactive material.

    I'm actually making my own weird point with this.

  3. I read that no-poo article a couple weeks ago, it is very inspiring! Kev's already doing it, the girls are already doing it...there's just me to go! They've been using our own soap to wash with and the girls have still been putting a small amount of conditioner on their ends, so we can comb through. So far so good.

    There's still me to go yet. I've cut back to only washing every-other day, which is a HUGE step for me, as I'm a shower-every-day kind of gal. But, I've been reasearching and researching and think I'm about to take the no-poo plunge. Keep ya updated :)


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