Saturday, November 22, 2008

Puppies on Double D Ranch~

Austrailian cattle dog, collie, shepherd, heeler mix?? These are farm dog -type pups. We've taken to calling it a new breed of non-breed, just simply "farm dog".

Fat and sassy, playful, yet lazy like their mother. Hopefully they will have her extraordinary temperment. She's the best dog we have ever had anywhere, but especially on the ranch. She helps herd the goats without nipping, and is gentle enough to let the barn kitties eat from her dish- and she loves her food!

Just in time for Christmas at your farm, ranch, or country home!


  1. Those are the sweetest puppies! I love animals.If I had money I would buy land and take in every stray and unwanted animal out there!

  2. yay for helpful animals. i only like animals that are good for something. isn't that awful? can't help it; it's true. And that's why I don't love cats.
    : )

  3. I would love to put one of those in Miranda's stocking this year!

  4. They are so sweet. I really love the soap I won from you. Have a Happy week..m..


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