Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wild, Free, & in the Freezer *U*

Doug got a nice black tail deer tonight. What a relief! I try to not buy meat from a store at all- I like to raise it myself or get it from someone I know, and of course the hunting season helps fortify the big freezer for winter. Now...if he gets an elk I will be set until next year! Finally, some truly wild, free-range, grass fed meat!
The kids and I went across the mountains yesterday to visit Doug's mom. She is very ill, and we are trying to get over there as often as possible, which is hard with a ranch full of animals, including six puppies right now.
We stayed with Mamma Gretchie, who is above and beyond in taking care of us. She is a sweet and fun friend! We wouldn't have been able to go at all without my dear Teresa coming to take care of all the critters. I'm so grateful for such good friends. I always pray blessings for them when I travel, fully realizing I wouldn't be able to go overnight without them, but instead would have to do a 6 hour roundtrip. I have done that several times before, but my back is thrashed by the time I am done.
Not long now and the turkey hen and Tom will be butchered and then those sorts of chores will be done except for dehdrating the apples. Next year I plan on doing twice as much, and this spring I'll get lambs, pigs, and more turkey chicks.
Ah...winter is coming...cozy fires, and stacks of books! This is when we start history studies, and tea times. I'm looking forward to it.

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