Friday, December 19, 2008

Fancy Pants~

Isn't this a pretty paint mare? She has lightblue eyes and runs f-a-s-t! Not that I like that part, being old and broken *U* But this is my daughter's 2nd horse, one of two paints, and they don't exactly love each other. She wants to sell her, and I found when people wanted to some ride her I was realizing I wanted her! My horse is a doll, but he's older, and Fancy is only 7. I guess I better be the one to buy her. My daughter will be thrilled. She wants $$ like any teenaged girl.

How can you live on a horse ranch and not have lots of horses?

Looks like I will be very busy this spring working this horse into shape for trail riding and changing her mind about wanting to go so fast. She loves to game, and I like restful rides in the orchards...this should be interesting, but oh well, I think riding such a gorgeous horse will be worth it! There's a few ranches around that train, and there's one that has team penning practice in the summer...hey! You never know what I might be up to next year after I have completed the P90X 90 day challenge! If I drop 15 pounds and get in good shape my back might feel loads better.

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  1. Dalyn: I was thinking of doing the P90X challenge too! Do you want a farmgirl cyber buddy to do it with? Let me know. I haven't ordered it yet, just wasn't sure I needed yet another exercise know that story!
    Jami in WA


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