Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I think we are doing well just to keep the fires going and animals alive this week! Brrrrr.....

I still have 3 puppies that need homes, and a bit of shopping left to do, and then we start the fun of cookie and candy-making! I make terrible cookies, but really good candy *U*

Poor Doug is trying to get home thru a white out right now, and I'm worried about how hard it will be to visit his mom now.

Still haven't had the time to get my Christmas cards out- major guilt-trip every year!

God is good, and we are well- hope you are too!


  1. Yes. I'm sure in this weather the animals must have special attention. The not so hardy and young ones mostly. Praying safety for your husbands trip home. Keep that fire burning!

  2. Trying to stay warm here too! Ran out of wood by the front of the house today, record time for us to go through that pile. SO the girls and I tread down to the BIG wood pile. The 4 wheelers aren't working and all the vehicles are gone today. It'll be interesting to see us totin' wood with our hands, through the snow, up the hill, in almost 0 degree weather.

    Little House on the Prairie anyone? :)

    Hope Doug makes it home safely. We'll be prayin' for him!

    Love ya!


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