Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well I know some of you have big celebrations and plans...resolutions for 2009, and I'd love to hear about them;

But I'll read about it all tomorrow *U* I'm hitting the hay. I always ring in the new year with an early night and extra rest. You all will be bleary eyed and tired in the morning- while I am happily sipping my decaf coffee and dreaming of...

getting back into these! I have't been able to wear them for months. My favorite jeans. That's about the only big change I'm planning. *Except starting up the P90X challenge again. Wouldn't you know, when I finally commit to it, I get sick! I'm trying to get over this pneumonia now, and when I'm feeling good again I'm going to work out with my 40 year old husband. (who is in better condition now than when he was 20) I hope you all have a very blessed and amazing 2009.


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