Monday, December 29, 2008

Snow Days~

It's snowing again. I wish it would stop for the animal's sake, but it sure is pretty. Being tucked in a warm house by the fire with some good books and a few favorite magazine's isn't exactly a hardship either...*U*
I feel much better today. Right before Christmas I started the 90 day challenge with P90X, but had to quit after getting the meanest, nastiest virus. I'm still sick! I do feel better though, and I know I just have to get busy and start working out again. I really want to strengthen myself and get my back in shape before milking time comes again. I also want to be fit enough to work with the horses this spring.

Today we are having fun with our missionary couple friends before they go off for final field training. We are going to eat and play Wii. We also have a couple coming to pick up a bed frame for a family in need in town. I better get in the shower, because I have to get to town first and hit the bank and grocery store!

We start school and Awanas again next week, and the week after is our Homeschool support group meeting. Life goes on in spite of snow days *U*

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  1. But... Wait.

    If you're going to knock over the bank first, why would you go after the grocery store next? That doesn't make any sense; the grocery store is pocket change compared to the bank.

    Oh, I get it. Nevermind. :P


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