Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Homeschool on the Ranch...

I wish it were a lazy, hot fishing day!

It's cold here again, so we are quite busy indoors with the books. However, today we were interrupted a number of times. Not that that's really a bad thing...

We had to send the oldest boy out with his paintball gun to shoot a stray dog away. He's been bumming around here after Punkin', whose puppies are finally all sold but the one we are keeping- and who has an appointment to get spayed on Thursday!

Looked at the window during a break and saw somehow two of the horses had begun grazing...in the backyard! Sent oldest daughter out to put them back in the pasture.


Friend called with goat questions. These always take priority! Ended up suggesting a good vet was needed.


Had to stop and clean out the stove to get the fire going again before we all froze. Oldest boy to the rescue again. Praise the Lord for strong teenaged boys who know how to work!


The other pellet stove then started smoking. It backed up and, well, pellet stoves are a pain. Oldest boy again...


Well, I bet it's coming soon. Good thing we are almost done with the books for today *U*


  1. Hey I had a day like that yesterday. It was more like--Pearl-zilla got into the toilet paper. Lincoln's diaper leaked during nap, Charlie had a fever so bad his eyes and legs started to hurt..well you have the idea.
    Then today we are already done and it's 1:30.
    Go figure.
    Thank God for oldest son's. I have one!

  2. LOL! We got interrupted today by a faint positive preggo test....so I quickly announced that school was OVER for the day..there is no way I could concentrate at that point!

    Glad to hear Punkin' is getting spayed. Brownie is at the Vet as I write this, getting fixed too :)


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