Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Very Interesting...

I have dreams of adopting or fostering more children several times a week. After everything we have been through you would think that's nuts. Nevertheless, I have these dreams of newborn babies I get to keep for awhile, or chubby little boys who get to come live at the ranch here.
sigh. My children think they are terrible dreams. They don't want to go through any more drama. I understand that.
Maybe someday when I raise my own children and they are off raising their own, then I will be free to take in more...dreams are interesting.


  1. My husband has that same dream. I don't. I'm not as nice as the two of you.

  2. I also have the dream of opening up our home again to foster children. We have 3 biological and 2 adopted through the system. As hard and draining as it was, it is also a blessing. Right now though it doesn't seem like this is the time. Too bad the system wasn't more "user friendly" that was the hardest part, knowing these kids are uncared for but the main goal is reuniting them which sometimes isn't the best thing. So I know where you are at (the baby bug has hit me bad lately and we arent able to have anymore)

  3. Hi Dalyn-

    I just found your blog via Mary Jane's Farm and am so excited to check out more of it. I have two little ones (biological) and we are in the midst of adopting from Thailand (and I though the 9 months of pregnancy took a long time!). We also love Jesus - so excited to get to read all about your family. You guys are living the dream!

    love, Emily


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