Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Twins & Morning Chores

Yesterday we woke to a gorgeous sunny sky! We just had to take advantage of that and get some work done outside; and enjoy the fun going on in the barn with another set of twins born! Four babies- one day apart- and they will be so much fun and naughtiness when they come out from the maternity ward to the rest of the barn and corral!

Tay watering the goat buckets and the goose's (her name is goat, because she thinks she is one) bathtub. He also filled the 40 gallon barrel we keep in the barn with a heater in the winter, and the horse's tub. We got an hour's work done in the barn before breakfast.

Ben and I started raking the corral after we cleaned stalls. The rest of the kids went back out with us after school work was done for the day to finish most of that job. It's a big corral and we took out several wheelbarrow loads to the garden.

We played with the babies alot too *U*

The little doe is PEACH. She's a cutie. Red roan without much white, not my favorite color, but her brother down below makes up for that...he's white with blue roan patches. C-U-T-E! I'm keeping these two. The other side of this little guy is mostly white.

Well, all four of my kids so far are darlings. They are nice looking and I'm pleased to be able to have some does to build my milking herd back up.


  1. Those new babies are going to have a blast when they get out and play. It will be fun to watch, I bet.

  2. They are SO adorable! I love those big ears!

  3. Awww~! They are adorability itself!


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