Monday, March 30, 2009

Do You Want to Be Forced?!

Do you want to be forced against your will, beliefs, and personal convictions, to do things that are atrocities to you? Are we really all going to sleep peacefully while the dishonorable and evil in this country takes more and more ground? I hope not. I hope there are enough people left in America with courage, fortitude, and integrity to do what is right. To stand up for what is right. To protect those who can't protect themselves. To protect justice and what is good and right about us.

It's hard for my mind to fathom that abortion is even an issue in America. Are we really so selfish and hard, cruel and sick, that we will allow little babies to be torn apart peice by little bitty piece out of their mother's womb? It just about makes me throw up but I can't even think about it that long before I have to move my thoughts somewhere else.

Do you realize that soon Obama will take away the conscience clause protecting doctors and other medical people to be required to perform or help kill a baby? "Perform an abortion" sounds much nicer, doesn't it? Or: "terminate the pregnancy"...the facts are that it's killing a baby. In total cold, hard brutality. A cruel death, and the president (whom the Amercian people voted for, God help us) will force people like me and you to either take part in something we find heinous, or else lose their liscense.
Go here and begin to do something about it: Be Heard Project


  1. Good for you! Take a stand, girl! I posted about the Be heard project a couple times on my blog before my last post. They have gotten a lot of signatures, but need more!

  2. I really enjoy your site.

    Oh, I also LOVE Mary Jane's Farm Magazine.

    Dora Renee' Wilkerson


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