Monday, June 15, 2009

Broody Hen Succeeds!

I had been complaining that my hens had not been hatching their own chicks out this year or last- finally! We have another set of chicks born & raised here. I love that!

I do have my hatchery chicks, they are the heritage breeds, but it's so much fun to hatch out "our own" chicks too. Mixed breeds are hearty and decent layers. I have mostly dual purpose birds and so don't mind them mixing. I know I should keep the heritage birds seperate but I won't. Shame on me! I just can't lock them up when they have 10 acres to free-range on.


  1. I'm excited with you!

    If your chickens free-range all over the place do you have a problem collecting eggs or do they tend to lay where they are supposed to?

    Congratulations on your new babies!

  2. Jennifer- thanks! Yes, it is hard to find the eggs :) We think of it as a daily (twice daily) reasure hunt!

  3. Love the old bird - good job sweetheart!

  4. How fun!!! :) I love our chickens! I bet you guys were all so excited! :)


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