Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cherry Picking & Bummer Lamb

We got a Black Belly bummer lamb today from a friend. This little boy got away from his mamma and thru a fence. He was gone so long she forgot him and wouldn't accept him back. Bummer! He didn't like the replacer formula at all, so my friend Dave offered him to me. I brought him home and immediately milked Glory into a bottl and mixed fresh warm goat milk with some colostrum I had saved for just such an occassion and he promptly gobbled it down once he got a good taste. He loved the goat milk!

Ben helped me feed him his bottle. He's already asking me not to butcher this sheep when he's older, but...he's a boy, and we don't need any more "pets"!

Here's Ben and J. loading cherries. We picked bings and raniers early this morning at a U-pick farm and brought home about 120 lbs. Yum! We were allowed to eat while we picked, and everybody had their share, but Ben and I both came home with belly aches. We ate a little more than our share *U*

We will wash, pit, and freeze most. Eat alot raw, and of course make some goodies like muffins, cobblers, etc. but also make some into raw jam, fruit leather, and dehydrate a bit too.

The kids worked hard!

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  1. I can't hardly wait to get back on the west coast. I miss having all of that fruit fresh from the tree.


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