Sunday, July 19, 2009

~The Mother~

Our family has lost two mothers since March. Doug's mother and grandmother have both gone to be with the Lord. This week we went to Idaho for Gramma's funeral, and I really had such a revelation, listening to her daughters say good-bye to her in tear-choked voices. Mothers are much more than just women who give birth to babies. Mothers are everything to the world!

I listened to the Pastor tell Gramma's story and was stunned to realize all the time she stayed home cooking, sewing, and raising three daughters, Grampa was busy planting churches all over the valley. His work was important! But so was hers. She enabled him to do what God called him to do. She was invaluable. She will be missed sorely. Every mother who is a real mother will be missed like that. I began to feel sorry for Doug's biological mother and my own, who couldn't be bothered to mother. They missed out. But God always brings good out of waste, and I am determined to be a "mothering Mother" to my own children and those around me who need a mamma once in awhile.

Losing one's mother can be devastating. Mothers cannot be truly replaced. Daycare will not do. babysitter, no matter how caring, will not replace The Mother. Anyone who consoles themselves with thinking that The Mother isn't that important is not thinking with their heart.

To these people, I am the most important person in the world. I am The Mother. I realized that's a God-given job, and so important that the devil himself is always trying to trod it. We women are insecure and frightened that we are never enough. Never doing enough...enough laundry, cuddling, talking, cooking, teaching, listening...on and on I could go, and you know it's true. The fact is we are invaluable just by being home and being The Mother. The world would be a better place if mothers were in their homes, making their houses into homes. A warm, inviting, and safe place where the people who live and visit are "mothered". You see that word is a noun and verb.

I am the woman behind the hands that feel hot brows, applies band-aids, take temperatures, administer cough drops and fish the woman behind the hands that button coats in the winter, wrap scarves, and snug on mittens. I am the woman who wiped noses and bottoms once upon a time on those handsome sons the girls are smitten with now. ha!
The one who peels potatoes, carrots, and onions for a nourishing hot stew. I am the woman cracking eggs and kneading bread. Do you realize the value of a warm, bustling kitchen where the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked bread is wafting out the windows sending a message to the neighborhood that there's a mother at home? Hot bread slathered with melted butter can set any person's world to rights.
I'm not Super Mom. I'm Just Mom. But that's enough, and I'm finally gettting that.

I may not be much to the world, but in my little corner of it, it revolves around me. Not because I'm somebody, but because I'm anybody. I'm the Mother. Mothers are not valued enough by society. Neither are fathers for that matter. We can't do without those either!
So, my lesson is this- just be The Mother. Stay home. Have interesting hobbies, but persue other things outside my home later. Maybe after my grandkids have come and grown *U* I want to be The Gramma next!

p.s. Economizing is part of Motherhood...consider it part of the job, and you will be able to stay home and raise those interesting people you live with!


  1. Dalyn, this made me cry. Sometimes I feel inadequate as a mother; that I'm not doing enough, or doing it right, or being a good enough role model. Thanks for the inspiring message. You're such a blessing to so many. May God always bless you and your lovely family.

  2. Love this, Dalyn. Great job!

  3. Love this, Dalyn. Great job!

  4. Beautifully stated, my friend :) . Lovely.
    Catherine :)

  5. Made me cry too sister. Man (I mean WOman) that was touching.. and so inspirational. Sounds like our awesome God is doing good things in you... as always! :)

    Love you,


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