Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dancing Goats Blend

Isn't this the darling-ist? (not a real word, I know) My sweet aunt Randi sent me this bag of coffee because I love my goats and she thought it was a good fit *U*
I had neer heard of this brand before, apparently they are local, out of Olympia, very nice for me and my convictions of buying local! It smells divine, dark, rich, and spicey. I'm going to open it next week. I almost hate to do it. I love the bag so much. I might make the switch from!
 You'll notice it's decaf. I love my coffee- have always drank coffee, even as a child. But that will take a toll on the body, and has mine. Adrenal glands don't like that. I switched gradually to decaf over a year ago and don't miss the "jolt" at all. I love the smell, taste, and ritual of coffee, so I am not going to give that up. Decaf rules!


  1. I know that coffee well! It's from a roaster in Olympia called Batdorf & Bronson. I have no doubt that you will like their coffee better than Starbuck's. They have an absolutely beautiful and huge sit-down coffee shop in Oly. also and it is awesome! Always try to stop in when I'm there. Their chai tea is wonderful too!


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