Monday, November 16, 2009


Did anyone ever think of the emotional implications of men and women not married living together and working together and bonding in ways that they don't even with their own spouses? I'm not liking the fire department lately.

 Mammas don't let your babies grow up to be firefighters...remember that old song with the word "cowboy" instead? Well, I don't mind my sons growing up to be cowboys. Maybe it's firefighters I don't want them to be when they grow up.


  1. You're absolutely right - it doesn't make for a good situation. The occupations our husbands and fathers may have had (or have) are changing. For our sons the occupational choices are becoming more narrow and our call to be separate is becoming more apparent.

  2. I don't like what I am reading between the lines here ...I am FIGHTIN PRAYIN GF

  3. Sorry, Dalyn, I feel the same way. It's totally inappropriate. Guess that's what we get for fighting for so many years for "equality," our husbands go to work beside a bunch of women!

  4. Praying for you and yours, Queenie.
    Yes, I've often wondered about that situation ... wouldn't work for me.

  5. This topic really struck home at a company party last winter when I met the women that my husband works with. It appeared that they were almost jealous of me sitting by Rob, and I realized to some extent just what our husbands have to face every day just to be faithful. To realize that he spends over 40 hours a week with these other people, which is more productive hours than with his own family. It made me want to be a much better wife for when he came home.

  6. oh yes. I think it's worse in the dept. where they eat, sleep, workout, watch movies in the evening, eat their meals together, and sleep in rooms nexxt to each other. Stupid, really. I'd love it women would just be women, and the ones who won't would at least have the sense to not try to be best friends with someone's husband. bleh.


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