Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Of Course Christ Came...

and was born in a manger. People, especially pastors,  always bring that up as if it were the worst thing. I love it! I think it makes total sense. Our God created Adam in His image and then gave him the job of animal husbandry...naming all those animals. Then He put the first man in the garden to tend it. A gardener! Remember now, Adam was created in God's very own image, and Eve was the first 'farmer's wife".

God is earthy...I mean He created the earth and everything in it. I think He loves it and nature too. Of course He loves the people, but who says He doesn't love all of His creation? People today are living so far out of touch with nature and what is natural- animals and the seasons and earth; not growing anything, out of tune with nature, not even observant of it anymore.Living an artificial life. I think the Lord loves a family in a home with a little plot of ground to cultivate and some critters to care for. I think that's healthy and natural. Getting a bit dirty. Jesus didn't mind getting a bit of dirt on His holy hands I bet. I love that He came to rural people, and lived among the poor country folk first. To think of the Christ Child born in a manger seems natural and good, to think of Him born in a wrong. Though He is of course a King, The King of Kings.

I have the best times of worship in my barn. I love the smell and sounds of the animals, the hay, and I just can't help thinking this year, every morning and evening when I go out there to care for my animals, of course He was born in a stable!

 That makes perfect sense to anyone who lives close to the land and according to the seasons. Don't you think?


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I also love spending time with our animals and in the garden. God created us to love those things, and be content doing them.

    We have an old log addition on our barn that we currently use for the goats. It is in great need of being torn down, but when it came to our churches childrens program filming the life of Christ, whose barn do you think they wanted to use for the birth scene?? Ours! Humbleness is very often overlooked in our culture, isn't it? But then again, so is Jesus. Thanks for the reminder!


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