Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cancer, Cancer, Go Away

In 2009 we had three diagnoses of cancer in the family. We lost two of those mothers. It's only January, but here we find ourselves with two more family members diagnosed with cancer. All different kinds, too. No, they don't all live by each other. Weird. But you know what, God is good.

This kind of thing could have you shaking in your boots. Isn't it only natural to think, "who's next?" "Me?" "My husband?" Then, you face your fears ,bring them out into the light, where God's truth shines on them and they don't look so big. What's the worst case? A believer gets "promoted" and goes to heaven? I have to  think, yes, how sad for us left behind should the cancer win, but you know, for those in Christ Jesus, it really isn't so scary afterall.

I was humbled and encouraged at the same time by my sister-in-law lastnight. She had cancer last year, while her mother lay dying with it too. My sister-in-law was healed. She's the mother of 4 children, 3 very young. Her husband is one with cancer now. She spoke such faith though. No pity party. No "why me? us? him?" Just faith. Not faith in healing, although that's what we are all praying for; but faith that God is good, has the master plan, and it will all work out, even if it is our worst fear come true.

The sun is shining today...for the first time in too long. It's as if the Lord were smiling down on us, like a proud father, nodding, and saying, "Yes, they get it."
Our hope is in heaven.
Our treasure is in heaven.
Many are the tribulations of the righteous...we were told. But then, there's eternal life in Glory, far more than we could ever dream up, waiting for the righteous.
How does one "get" righteous?
You can't.
Jesus is though, and when you trust Him and believe, and follow Him, God sees you in nothing but Christ's righteousness. We become the "righteousness of God" Clean, forgiven, and a son or daughter- co-heir with Christ.


  1. Thank you for this post. You are truly an inspiration and have touched me deeply with your words!

    I too believe that Faith is firmly knowing that God is God ... will always be God ... and will do what He said He will do ... no matter what circumstances we find our selves in.

    Be Blessed!

  2. God was kind to us today as well in sharing His's been ten days of wet fog which tends to make evryone's mood "foggy" too.
    I am sad to hear of the cancers in your family and yet I believe like you...God is in control and may HE be glorified. We lost a young friend of ours to cancer this past summer. Through it ALL, he simply said that he wanted to be used by God for HIS glory whether cured or not. We believe he touched many lives for Christ during this cancer battle. He fought it for seven years and never once did he waver..just grew stronger...such a testimony of this young man who was barley 20!
    We shall keep you in our prayers~
    Mrs. Bee

  3. I had cancer 5 years ago, shortly after the birth of my 4th child (my only girl). It was just plain scary. I was sad to think that I wouldn't get to see the adults my kids would grow into. It took me awhile to get to the place where I wasn't angry with God. Someone said to me,"When we know that God could have prevented it, but allowed it anyway - that sometimes makes it harder." I agree with your comment that worst case scenario we get heaven - that doesn't seem so bad. But, that isn't always the comfort it should be while going through things. Although, that was finally where I ended up and found some peace.

  4. My every visit with you just renews my spirit. Your reflections are so spirit filled and always leave me aching for a closer walk with the Lord.

    Blessings, Lea

  5. Both sides of my family are prone to cancer, too. Such a bummer. I had a lump in my breast about 6 yrs ago...frightening. But it dissipated...PTL! It's so bitter-sweet to lose a family member or friend who is a saint of God. Temporary loss for us, all gain for them.

    As a dear friend told us that day our little girl died (in '86), "God is still on the Throne." That was the BEST thing anyone said to us that whole terrible day. I remember it, cling to it, when times are hard.

    Hey...LOVE your music!

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim Wolf<><

  6. One day we will see that smile! Thank you for this touching post! We do need to keep it all in perspective and remember who has it all under control.

  7. Wow again Dalyn...What a testimony to the faithfulness of the followers of Christ~ Yes, Christ is faithful to us even when we don't understand at times, but we must also be faithful to follow Him with our CROSS daily...even if that cross is Cancer. Praise the LORD for your SIL healing! I am now praying for her husband!


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