Monday, May 31, 2010

The View From My Front Porch

The view off my front porch is amazing this morning... my four gorgeous, fat and sassy horses. Praise the Lord for the rain on my pasture. Only the yard grass is so long and it's so wet, that we can't mow. It proved to be too much of a temptation for Kito, the Saddlebred/ Arab- Pinto you see here. (the furthest paint is my mare, Fancy) Kito knows how to open gates. Has for years. Naughty with a mind of his own, but to his credit, mostly curious and friendly. He has been letting himself in the back gate to enjoy the lush lawn, so this morning after he did it again, I thought I might as well invite the others in to eat as well. Can't mow until it dries out anyway!
~Kito and Fancy~
~Vick and Hank~
I had to show a picture (sorry it's blurry) of the tiniest egg we have gotten here so far. It's a fully formed hen egg. Usually when they are unusually small they come from very young, newly laying hens. I don't have any this year. Also, they usually don't have a yolk. This one does, as you can see. It was fun to look inside with the kids and discuss and examine. Ever the homeschool mom~

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