Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Busy Monday

The weekend was busy, the week before was busy, and Monday was busy....with no end to "busy" in sight.
My two oldest kiddos fell asleep Monday afternoon and that was just too cute. This picture reminds me of when they were little and would fall asleep like that. They are still best friends and I love that. Of course, like all siblings they do bicker, but most of the time they are good buddies.

Diana and Bill Waring were here and Doug and Bill had a good ride Monday evening. I didn't post much of Bill, as I don't know if he would love a bunch of pictures of him on my blog. Most likely he wouldn't care, he's pretty casual and very easy going, but I posted mostly of Doug here anyway.


  1. Love the pics:))) Busy, busy, busy here too.... waiting for those slow days of summer, or is there such a thing???!

  2. Great pics! I too am waiting for the summer slow-down, but it hasn't reached these parts yet, and soon it will be time to cut the haylage. Never a dull moment.


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